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Obama is a Republican

Michael Lind, in a column on Salon.com, proposes that Barack Obama run as a Republican candidate in 2012, thus freeing up room for a real Democrat. That won’t happen, of course, but reading his column certainly highlights what is wrong with the Democratic Party these days.

Here is an excerpt from the column, in which Lind imagines Obama’s acceptance speech at the Republican convention:

“I have fought against the failed tradition of New Deal liberalism from the strongest possible position — the presidency. When the liberals wanted to nationalize the banks, I bailed them out and let their executives reap huge bonuses, thanks to the taxpayers. When the liberals wanted an expansion of Lyndon Johnson’s big government Medicare, I said no and pushed for a version of the Heritage Foundation’s healthcare coverage plan and what Mitt Romney did in Massachusetts. When the liberals wanted a bigger stimulus, I drew the line in the sand. When the liberals criticized the Bowles-Simpson plan to gut Social Security and Medicare, I praised it. When the liberals demanded tougher action against Chinese mercantilist policies that hurt our manufacturing industries, I said no and sided with the U.S. multinationals that want to appease the Chinese government. When the liberals wanted America to withdraw from Afghanistan, I sided with the neoconservatives and ordered the surge. When the voices of the old, failed liberalism said that Congress has a part to play in authorizing foreign wars, I ignored that radical liberal assault on unchecked, arbitrary presidential power and ordered the U.S. to war in Libya on my own authority.”

Read the whole column – it might get you to thinking. And thinking is what the elites who run this country do NOT want you to do!


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